Trixi ERP
$300 / Month
Company Management System

Trixi ERP is a solution that every small & mid-sized company must start using today. Trixi ERP was made to enable companies to increase productivity, reduce costs, manage staff & resources better and to manage expenses in a smarter way.

User Friendly Dashboard & Elegant Interface.
The Dashboard is easy to use; you literally need only 30 mins to master it. We made it super simple for the busiest team

High Security & Privacy of Information
Unlike other services out there, our system will be installed on your own private server.

One Size Fits All
Whether you’re a small or medium-sized firm, you will see instant results in firm performance

A Good Solution for Startups
Why 90% of startup fail? The main reason behind it is that they don’t have a bulletproof management solution.

  • Manage your Human Resources efficiently
  • Manage your finances more effectively
  • Build your pipeline and your customer base neatly.

Why Your Business Needs It Today?
Companies survive through sales, and sales need good management and tools to perform.

  • Worry no more about your employees’ daily tasks.
  • Full Reporting System enables management to have full scope.
  • Smart Score system to self-monitor employees’ daily performance.


  • User Experience
    We have invested so much in research to make sure that our solution is user-friendly. Because we understand how complicated systems are. So we kept it simple and effective.
  • Stunning Creative Design
    We understand the power of colors and designs. Therefore; we have created a stunning and a creative design along with cheerful colors to make sure users won’t get bored overtime.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Our Built-in Ai technology monitors users 24/7. If a user underperforms, the system will send a notification to this particular user and to inform the management at the same time.
  • Score System
    Management doesn’t need to waste time on monitoring anymore, the score system does this. Every user will have a score record, if the user does his job, he passes the minimum required successfully.

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