Loyalty App
$8,000 / One Time Fee
White Label

Loyalty app is a discount app with a new idea to help clients getting discounts on every purchase they make from specific merchants. The app has an add-value for both sides, the customer & the merchant. As for the merchant, the business will be getting more traffic and sales. And as for the customer, he/she will be paying less and enjoy extra money into the wallet.

  • Quick Approval
    Individual accounts are immediately approved and merchant accounts get approved in 24 to 48 Hours.
  • e-Wallet
    You keep the collected points you earned at one place. You can also access the transfer history of each purchase.
  • Transfers
    You can now gift points to your friends and family. It has never been easier than this through QR Technology.
  • Nearby
    Nearby feature allows you to see which stores offer discounts are nearby. It is an amazing feature.
  • Offers by Category
    Access stores by its categories. The app offers six main categories that cover most of the retail businesses.
  • Pay-By-Wallet
    Users can use their wallets to pay for their purchases if they have enough points. It is fun and easy.

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