FX Trading Copier
$15,000 / One Time Fee
Compatible with MT4 & MT5 Trading Terminal

Trading Copier system is a designated solution to Forex Brokerage Firms and Money Managers that manage clients’ accounts. It’s a better alternative solution of the current copy-trade systems in the market.

Our Trading Copier System is a unique and a very effective system that helps brokerage firms and money managers of managing accounts through cloud and remotely. This system has lots of features that enable the end users and the money managers to work in a hassle-free environment without any delay in executing trades.

A Unique Approach Trader Can Benefit From
When you choose our trading copier, you will be getting the followings:

  • Trading Copier offers a live report via its mobile app. It shows the current profits, drawdown, trades and more info on the account.
  • Traders are able to pause, stop and resume trading, all is simply done via the mobile app, you can toggle to resume or pause.
  • It is super easy to enroll, sign up, subscribe and then connect your trading account and access it via our mobile app.

Trading Copier’s Features

  • User-Friendly Admin Dashboard
  • Easy to Use (No Training Required)
  • Compatible with MT4 & MT5
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Works on any server
  • Works on any VPS
  • Execution time 0.2 Second
  • Full Control over Subscription
  • Full Control over Access
  • Full Control over lot size
  • Real-Time Pricing

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