Bugs-Free Lifetime Policy

The Company is obliged to deliver bugs-free products to all of its clients and in all of its products. In case there was a bug in any product then the company will fix this particular bug for free.

3-Months Warranty

We provide 3 months warranty which means, that client can review the changes or the solution within this period of time and able to request minor changes in design or functionality.

Life-Time Warranty

Aximus Techs offers a life-time warranty on possible bugs on all of its products. Means, if there is an issue with the product at any period of time, then the company is obliged to fix it for free


Aximus Techs charges 50% of the product’s value once contract is signed. The delivery of each project is different, some might take a week and some might take a month. Ask the sales person.


Once project is delivered, then the client is requested to close the remaining pending amount of 50% of the product’s value.

Source Code

Aximus Techs deliver its ready-made products without a source code. And that is why those solutions are sold at a lower price value.


If the client requests a refund after signing the contract, then the company would charge 35% of the product’s value and refund the remaining amount.

Fixed Price

We offer a fixed price customization plan on developing and personalizing a product your purchased and this to be paid monthly OR.

Hourly Price

You can sign an hourly plan where you pay for the working hours only and to be billed at a threshold of 10 hours at a time.


We offer an annual and monthly maintenance plan. That would include a weekly health check of the product and full testing.

3rd Party Customization

Most of our solutions are compatible with 3rd party solutions like Payment Gateways or CRMs or security checks. Therefore, we provide full technical team for integration.

Technical Support

Aximus Techs provides 24/7 technical support on all of its products. We are available around the clock.

Aximus Servers

If a problem occurred at your purchased product and the products was installed on our server, Then Aximus’s team would solve this issue for free.

Client’s Server

If a problem occurred at your purchased product and the product was installed on our servers, then the technical team of the server you purchased should be solving it.


Aximus Techs will not be responsible for any misuse caused by the technical team/person of the company that purchased a solution. Any fixing of it would be chargeable.