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Nobody wants to waste time, efforts and money on invented and proven things. You do not need to re-invent the wheels, we’ve got this covered. Hiring Aximus would allow you to achieve your goals faster and at a lower cost.

App Signals

We have created a complete and sophisticated solution that serves the signals providers at an outstanding professional level. We have understood what those providers are currently missing to scale their business and to make extra profits. Therefore; Our APP SIGNALS would be the ideal choice for your business because of the followings.

  • 7-Days Setup
  • Low Cost
  • Notifications
  • Branded Version
  • Multiple Languages
  • In-App Purchase
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Web Signals

Our Web Signals solution allows you to take your business to a whole different level. The integrated features are enabling. The flexibility, execution and dashboard are tremendous in providing the highest user experience ever in the industry. And here are some of its features

  • Comes with MT4/MT5 EA
  • Auto-Trade Switch
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy to Manage Users
  • Payment Gateway
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MT4/MT5 Signals

Since most of the traders around the globe use either the MetaTrader 4 or 5, we have built technology that can be easily integrated with those platforms. Our MT4/MT5 Signals allow admin to send push-notifications to the desktop trading terminal. And here are the most used features

  • Available on both (MT4/MT5)
  • Auto-Trade Switch
  • Full Control by the client
  • No-Setup (Drag & Drop)
  • Payment Gateway
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