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Nobody wants to waste time, efforts and money on invented and proven things. You do not need to re-invent the wheels, we’ve got this covered. Hiring Aximus would allow you to achieve your goals faster and at a lower cost.

Admin Access

Our Full MT4/MT5 solution for brokers is the ultimate solution that every broker needs to run a successful and a professional business. The built-in features enable the broker’s staff to have a full vision on what is going on their manager. The system has control over the manager, member area, IB portal with full risk management overview

  • Full Admin Control
  • IB Portal Control
  • Member Area Control
  • IB Commissions Management
  • Sales (CRM)
  • Data Management
  • Back-Office
  • Marketing
  • Sales Report
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Member Area

The Clients Member Area is one of the most advanced tools in the market. It gives the users the ability to analyze their trading styles, do daily operations and much more. This system has been modified based on surveying a wide spectrum of traders world-wide and it’s being used by over ten brokers around the globe.

  • Account Analysis
  • Trading Style Analysis
  • Internal Transfers
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Support & Ticketing
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IB Portal

If you care for your IBs then this is the perfect solution you need to offer them. Our IB portal has been made to increase IBs productivity and to let them be more interactive. The more advanced analytic tools your IBs have the more money the company will generate. Request a demo.

  • IB Analysis
  • Traders Behaviors
  • Trading Style
  • Risk Level
  • PnL
  • Profitability
  • Clients’ List
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