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Nobody wants to waste time, efforts and money on invented and proven things. You do not need to re-invent the wheels, we’ve got this covered. Hiring Aximus would allow you to achieve your goals faster and at a lower cost.

Manager Analysis

The Manager Analysis is a very smart and sophisticated tool that helps company’s risk management department to have a full overview on the book they’re managing. We have filled the blanks the MT4/MT5 Manager desktop application has, this solution would literally save up to 50% of the efforts of the team. You can request a demo to try it out yourself. And here are some of its perks

  • Shows breakeven point
  • Shows total equity
  • Shows total credit
  • Shows current commission
  • Top trading symbols
  • Margin call with equity list
  • Active accounts count
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Introducing Broker Analysis

The IB Analysis is one of the most beneficial tools a broker needs to determine the profitability of its clients, we have made this tool to reduce the risks the broker faces and to maximize the profits. You do not need to do extra reports and spend time on analyzing what each partner of yours is doing. This is the ultimate solution that helps you seeing the final result in just one click.

  • Total earnings
  • Total active accounts
  • Total traded volume
  • Date-Based traded volume chart
  • Date-Based profit & loss
  • IB’s clients trading style
  • IB’s clients’ profitability
  • IB’s clients’ risk level
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Trading Account Analysis

Trading Account Analysis is one of the tools a broker must have, it’s difficult to catch abusers on your system if you have lots of accounts. It’s also important to understand which are the clients that are good for the A-Book or the B-Book. It’s too difficult going through the trading history of each trading account, this system will give you results with suggestion in just one click.

  • Total profits
  • Total losses
  • Net money-in
  • Trading-Style
  • Book suggestion
  • Profitability
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